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Metal and alloy machining, numerical control turning.

We have numerical control lathes with a spindle name and with a cutting edge counter spindle, able to guarantee high precision and quality of the finished piece.

We carry out bar work from 6 mm to 65 mm in diameter and work on flanges up to a maximum diameter of 300 mm and a maximum length of 600 mm.

We also carry out reworking of pieces derived from other processes such as die casting, laser cutting, etc.


Custom turning

Our company carries out customized turning processes, we are able to develop samples, single pieces, and prototypes.

Refractory steel processing

We manufacture special steels such as stainless steel 310, inconel 600, Alloy 800 h, and many other types of steel.

of special metals

We work with Titanium alloys (Ti-6Al4V)
Special steels (300M, Maraging 300 - 350, 15CDV6, 17-4 PH and others)

Aluminum alloys (2014, 2024, 6082, 7050, 7075 and others), Copper and brass, Super alloys (Stainless and refractory)

Plastic material such as pvc, plexiglass, pom (acetal resin)


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